Tired To The Bone

Oh how tired I am… feelssss so tired… yeah I’m not ur regular joe. I work weekends… Weekends I work at a CyberCafe from 9 am till 2 am… but yesterday was most tiring. How tired was I? I fell asleep on the counter. And managed to get myself to bed as early as 10pm then wokeup again at 12 midnight. Why was I tired? Perhaps coz the night before I didn’t sleep at all 🙂 Watched two movies before getting around to open up the cybercafe.. then I went out to shop in the afternoon, managed to get myself a whole load of CDs at a bargain price…. RM1.40 for a 800mb CD-R when everyone else was selling em at RM2 a piece. Sheesh.. do you know the gov has stopped all imports of CD related paraphernalia.. namely CD-R and stuff, expect everything to hike up till September when they will lift that ban. After shopping… (no it was not a personal shopping spree, it was a business shopping stuff) I got back to the CyberCafe then took over from the Owner… and there I was bone tired from my trip… and felt sleepy from 6 pm onwards… managed to sleep whenever there wasn’t a customer… actually there was.. but I slept anyway .. eheheh :p
Now I wanna go and watch Down With Love.. and proceed to sleeping peacefully…. i-) Perhaps my download of Terminator 3 and Legally Blonde 2 will be finished by tomorrow morning.. then I can watch em…. watchout for my review tomorrow, maybe.. ekekke 🙂

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