I was deleting my old sms, and buried among it was my most memorable. The sms was short but the meaning was clear. The sender hates my gut. The message was simply “F*CK YOU”. Loud n clear, I’m most hated when I am too direct when saying something, or saying it in too cool a manner. But then the sender thinks that message was not enough. There was a second message, shorter yet more demeaning. “BASTARD”. That message made my day. It told me more about the sender in a matter of minutes than all the time that I had known her. Oopss yes it was a she. :devil: Yes, sometime I don’t get along with people well. Well, the girl was to blame. U don’t actually tell something to me… and next explains it was a lie… then the next week tell me the same thing and tell me its not a lie this time. Confused? I was… and therefore I simply made a simple conclusion that she likes to lie, and what she has been telling me all this while might as well be a lie. Simple as that.
I’ve had ppl telling me to fuck off a few times. But never actually from a girl. The last time I was told to fuck off from a guy was when he was paying me some money and he doesn’t look like he wanted to pay. Ahahaha that was the day. Looking at him writing a cheque for me and calling me a fuck at the same time, and all that while I was correcting the things he put down on the cheque. :)) Yeah I’m mean.
I’ll continue the stupid sms story next time 🙂 Not much behind it anyway….

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  1. wuh.. that’s harsh! we can’t satisfy all ppl.. the least we can do is make ourselves satisfied with what we’re doing aight? 😀

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