Hik hik, treated myself to a nice satay last night. Satay in true Kajang style. Nice and tender… yum yum… I think I’m gonna have some more tonight…. addictive! yeah…. 🙂 Anyway I have just finished watching How To Deal, starring Mandy Moore. My comment could only be that it was far nicer than Down With Love. Although the theme is almost the same. A girl rejecting the idea of love.
Mandy Moore was certainly cute and innocent in this movie, same as in A walk to remember, though in this one she appears more stylish.. And she certainly can shake that booty… hik hik 🙂 The main gist of the movie was about how Halley Martin (Mandy Moore) loathed the idea of being in love. And in true cinematic fashion she founds it to be otherwise. Anyway there was a couple of scenes in the movie that is worth mentioning. “Jedi Mind Trick” ahahah now the movie gives a whole new light to the term, naughty even. 🙂 And there was one conversation between Halley and Scarlet (Halley’s bestfrien) in which Halley was saying that Macon (Trent Ford) is only a friend, then Scarlett retorted by saying “A friend with benefits”, you get the idea … 🙂
Ok that’s all I wrote an even longer review at Jiwang.Org you can read it over there.
p/s: Still can’t get the taste of the satay out of my mouth and mind 🙂

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  1. uwaaa………. :((..tak aci aaahh..aku dah lama teringin nak makan satay…tetiba ko citer plak… :((

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