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Insurance agents and their persistance, I’d have this lady agent coming to see me for quite a while now, I think about 3 – 4 times already, kept badgering me to buy an insurance plans from her. I think I’ve heard every other type of insurance plans there is. The funny part is I know her supervisor, and the guy has never offered once any insurance plans for me. Instead offered me to become an insurance agent which I promptly refused. And I actually do go out with the supervisor guy. I think he’s the branch manager or something for Penang. After telling all that to the lady, still she said, ahh why don’t u buy from me laaaa.. I need to have other excuses, today she was trying to get me to buy an insurance/saving plan. Which I promptly says that I have a saving plan going along just now at Tabung Haji and doesn’t want to think about it anymore. I mean I’ve had the saving plan when I was in my primary school why should I change it or anything.
I’m pretty sure that someone will say that insurance is a good thing for a rainy day and so on. But I don’t see that yet. Yeah I know bad stuff can happen, but hey, it’s not like my mom ain’t gonna help or anything right. 🙂 . Among the main reason that I don’t want an insurance plan is the that I don’t like knowing that I have to spend an amount every month. It’s not like I have a steady income. It’s the same thing with other stuff. I’m still using prepaid at a time when I can afford to use a line. Oh yeah, I do have a telephone line under my name, that was for my old “rumah sewa”. Someday maybe I’ll get a plan, if ever when I have my own car, my own house something… not ready to put myself to some strict plan.

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  1. hmm, aku still x paham konsep life insurens sbb kiranya kalu kite mati org lain yg dpt benefit.abis tuh bila kite nak merasa duit yg kite dah melabur tuh? :confused:
    better buat wasiat aje kan senang?ada ke harta aku yg bole dibagi kat sesapa…

  2. haha, sbnrnya life insurance tuh kalau ko accident ke apa ke dpt la pampasan nye, bole le nak tampung2 kos pape yg patut. kalau mati plak, bg yg dah berkeluarga tuh, xdela keluarga kebuluq. eheh. adala dpt habuannya walaupun atas sebuah kesedihan…

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