He’s Back

Yeah I’m back in Penang, and pretty much tired to the bone… we interviewed kids from 4 school in 2 days, where in Penang we only did 1 school in a day… tiring but fun… hehehe fun coz I understood those kids and everyone else was “melopong” ahahahahah…. :p Hehe they were the ones who wanted to do it in Kelantan. So that part is settled now I’m bumped stiff with tons of report… 5 to be exact.. huhu now I’m dead… oh well its a paying job anyway… and I did have fun lepaking at Kubang Kerian where everyone else was studying and I was just walking around hik hik ….
Seems we have to do two more states… have to go down to Selangor and Johor next to complete the research… huuuuu I’m gonna be stumped with all this work. Eyp gonna go now… wanna sleep didn’t get much sleep on the bus :p

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