Hey guess what friendster is temporarily unavailable… ahahaha ran out of bandwidth! Funny! Speaking of friendster.. I was sucked into friendster a couple of month back by my little friend (u know who u are, and i’m blaming u for my addiction) But I’m cured, I rarely opens the god forbidden website anymore. But still I managed to get a few friends from it. 🙂 Yes yes, u guys…and girls… :p Some of my friend said why does friendster looks too much like a dating service… I had a big laugh then.. but when I look again.. yeah it does look like a dating service with all those buttons suggesting ppl to other ppl … hmmm… interesting isn’t it. But mostly I use it to find old friends and new ones… I managed to find a few old friends.. very old friends… friends from my early introduction to the internet even.
So friendster does have it good, the bad thing is, it can be quite addictive, though after a while u get soooo sick of it. U don’t want to see that website again…. I’ve seen a few ppl who at first was addictive to it, even challenging themselves to how many friends they can get and at last just stop going to the website anymore. Fed up? or does the website looks too stale to u. I mean its basically the same thing, add new friends bla bla.. the communication system was terrible, I mean how hard can it be to send a friend some message… very hard… instead of some drop downs… we have to munch thru the whole friend list to just send a simple message… and now? seems to be on its downside a few times…
Hmm friendster friendster. .. will it suffer the same fate as ecircles? communityzero? maybe… we’ll wait n see… the money always win in the end 😀

5 thoughts on “Friendster

  1. I think sumthing just smacked me right in the face… did u see what it was? Or am I just hallucinating?

  2. friendster…yeah bring back my old memories wif mah long-lost-frens… 😀
    melalui friendster nih jugak, baru aku tau yg x semua org tuh pelik spt yg aku sangka..sbb aku ingat that aku x bole nak get along wif him/her bcos we’re not in da same wavelength…tp bila baca testimos dorang nih depa byk gak kwn yg puji2 melambung n katanya sensitive+caring gilergh..itu laa sbbnya dun ever judge a book by its cover..pelik tuh ada yg berlumba2 sape testimonial yg paling byk…ikhlas atau tidak org yg menulis tuh only god knows..

  3. whatever it is..friendster still doing great.. i meant this is the only way for me to find all my long lost friends.. after all, friend is all i need to cheer up my life!

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