Football Blues…

A fitting title considering Malaysia was up against Chelsea .. (blue jersey)…. it was a whole load of fun watching it firstly because I made a bet with my boss, that if M’sia win, he’ll be paying for tomorrow’s movie tickets.. ekekek… yeah I know we lost…. 4-1, but still it was fun… as my boss at the end finally resigned to saying… that he would rather see M’sia win and won’t mind paying for the tickets.. ekekek … the funnier thing was a friend of mine made a bet with her boyfriend … and she lost and she scheming ways not to pay her BF… that was a whole load of laugh as they were pointlessly fighting over who won…. even when I told them M’sia lost… the girl was still denying it… ahahahaha…. wonder what the bet was.. hmmm :p
Ermm another fine week gone by ahahaha and I did absolutely nothing!…. adios

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