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As some ppl might have noticed/known that I am just crazy over Nikon cameras… my latest obsession is Nikon D2H. Its not an ordinary digital camera, its a true Digital SLR… meaning it can take Lenses from an other 35mm Nikon SLRs (certain models)… Now that’s what u call a truly awesome camera. Plus, u might have seen the binocular in MI:2 that can transmit images to nearby computer… guess what this camera can really do that, and it’s not a trick.. u can even remote control it! Now u would understand why I would go gaga 8-} over this camera…… Now all I need is someone to buy me the camera… anybody out there who forgot to buy me a birthday present? Hehehe
Still remember that it took me a year to save money to buy myself my F60… this one would take me around 5 years? or more? Heheh or forever? For a hobbyist I’m goddamn crazy about these kind of camera….
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  1. WHOAH!! the nikon D2H sounds like a fantasy! i can imagine how much easier my life would be to own a true digital SLR. will it cost a whole leg or both legs plus my brain? :confused:

  2. that i dont know … have been trying to obtain pricing for that camera… maybe i’ll have luck.. if so the price will be put up here…

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