Cough Cough – Hiccups

Heh life been rather boring…. although there has been a number of happening the last few days that was quite startling…. for one a girl called me and jokingly said she liked me (I hope its a joke) then there was the really crazy midnight excursion just to see Tomb Raider 2. Sheesh… we watched it at around 2.15 am.. blame it on my boss Razz
Then there’s the sudden weird feeling as I was reading someone’s blog that I think she knows some of my friend… and I truly hope none of my friend noticed I’ve been stalking that somebody’s blog .. ehehe… Pray (hehe jahat sungguh) I just love to stalk, u’d never know how good I am till you see the stuff I’ve collected about the ppl I stalk. Ahahaha… (notice how crazy and confused I am these few days Smile ) Yeah… my eq is very low now.. I hope that doesn’t affect my iq … could it? Who cares.. now lets go listen to some home made tapes ….
p/s: I’ve noticed that I’ve been drinking those Aquarius Mineral Water lately is it something to do with her? Hmmmm

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