Cough Cough – Hiccups

Heh life been rather boring…. although there has been a number of happening the last few days that was quite startling…. for one a girl called me and jokingly said she liked me (I hope its a joke) then there was the really crazy midnight excursion just to see Tomb Raider 2. Sheesh… we watched it at around 2.15 am.. blame it on my boss :p
Then there’s the sudden weird feeling as I was reading someone’s blog that I think she knows some of my friend… and I truly hope none of my friend noticed I’ve been stalking that somebody’s blog .. ehehe… :pray: (hehe jahat sungguh) I just love to stalk, u’d never know how good I am till you see the stuff I’ve collected about the ppl I stalk. Ahahaha… (notice how crazy and confused I am these few days 🙂 ) Yeah… my eq is very low now.. I hope that doesn’t affect my iq … could it? Who cares.. now lets go listen to some home made tapes ….
p/s: I’ve noticed that I’ve been drinking those Aquarius Mineral Water lately is it something to do with her? Hmmmm

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