Ada Apa Dengan Gedik

So I was surfing around one day, and I was invited to join a website … link is down there) Happens to be that I know the dude who owns the domain and pretty much talks to him on a friendly basis. So I went to look around the website, pretty impressive considering it has sponsors. Among the sponsors happens to be my hosting company. And they have a very large pool of bandwidth, 50gb just for the main website, not counting all those mirrors where they keep the video clips and mp3s. I did a few things for them. Got myself promoted to “Wartawan X-pose” last night. Ahahah why the x-pose, coz I know a few inside stuff to all those gossips, just happen that I have friends who knows ppl :p
Anyway one of the thing that I found on the website was this little Video Clip titled Ada Apa dengan Gedik, it was about a bunch of MMU students which were considered gedik? They pretty much acted like it. With all those hair flipping that they did. :)) Had myself a good laugh too.. I’m just curious who shot all those videos, themselves? and how did it got to be titled that? A joke? or just somebody who did’nt like those girls? Have a go at the files.. u might know them
Late breaking info : The girls are from MMU Cyber, the files were taken from their computers by force (hacked) 🙁
Get The Files Here

12 thoughts on “Ada Apa Dengan Gedik

  1. actually, the gedikness in them were just for show. they’re not exactly like that in real life. they’re well…nice,really. it were the boys who hacked their pcs to obtain those clips.

  2. i know your post about those gediks was kinda retro (eheh) but i just found out about your blog recently and i read about the gedik clips and uhh i was one of em.and before you jump into any conclusion,all i wanna say,it was just an know how people act when there’s this thing called camera and sometimes we act goofy and stoopid infront of it?it was for our own collection.not for public know how it feels when people calling you names when you wanna go to class or anywhere?i’ve no idea why i post this to ya.

  3. i am very sorry if my post offends u, yes I know how it is that ppl acts differently in front of a camera. i’m a photographer myself. we rely on that other side to bring life to the picture.
    truly sorry to hear how this has taken a turn. maybe we could all learn a lesson from this. and to u, just hang on. this is just a phase.. it will pass.

  4. all of them look’s like a bunch of :pig:s !!!!
    and acting like a :monkey: in front of the camera….wat malu mmu je….
    mmu student.

  5. u do what u like and others hav right to comment. anyway the gedik gals are cute aren’t they?.

  6. well the thing is, all the girls in MMU are also affected by the video clip.. it’s just not fair for outsiders to judge other MMU girls just becuz some of ’em did sumthing stupid.. sumthing really really stupid if u ask me..

  7. Wahhhh… They all so cute.. Wish I can meet them.. especially with FINA :rose: and MAYA :rose:.. Fewwiiittt!!! :love:

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