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For the past week or so I’ve been tweaking the Photo Memoir Section of the homepage ( more of an on and off work.. had to repair 3 PCs… 🙁 ) The work was mostly stuck because I had trouble combining MT and Javascript to get a random picture out of it. Maybe because I modified too much of my templates hmmmphhh… I’m bypassing MT and going straight to the MySQL part using PHP abstractions.. Seems to be more fruitable this way.. and more random 🙂 Now how about a redesign.. 🙂
I need to learn more of PHP in the future hmmphhh.. seems that my favourite scripting language (Javascript) is reducing the functionality of the website or rather limiting it. Huhu…. anyway that’s all for now.. gonna run of now.. its already Subuh anyway… been reading the Crossroad of Twilight till I heard the azan subuh…. kekekek.. think I’ll finish the php stuff this weekend… 😀

2 thoughts on “Website Tweaks

  1. :monkey: ko blaja Javascript ker..? :monkey:
    Javascript pemender pun aku tatau.. 😀
    aku tau Linux je..benda yang aku blaja skrg :p

  2. belajar dari buku around 5 years back… Linux pon samer… self taught.. sampai komputer kat rumah still biol sampai skarang. three os in one computer 😀

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