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What did I do in KL, all I can tell you it was hectic, I arrived in KL on saturday afternoon, for my relative’s wedding. He’s considered as an uncle to me, my mom’s cousin actually. Was getting married to his univ sweetheart. Auwwww (say auww ppl). I missed the “akad nikah” which was held that morning. Went around to FRIM, coz they were meeting up over there. There were doing the “berinai” thingy that night. I managed to finish up a whole roll of film under 15 minutes, which then left me only to my digicam which didnt hold up much. Hehe 🙂
Left around 11pm to my cousin’s place. Introduced him to my latest reading material. At Large, the story about the biggest hack (non fiction). And managed to get him to sleep late by giving him my Initial D collection, which he got hooked right from the start 😀 Ahahahah, me bad!

The next day was quite ok, it was the ‘bersanding’ session. Some of my relative was already showing signs of exhaustion, a two day wedding is really gonna zap you. I was told to sit at the groom’s side of the table for the “Makan Beradab”. Makan bersuap, hehe can’t stand the couple’s face, all red, being teased around by everyone. “Jangan makan pedas sangat, nanti sakit perut lagi”, that one was really repeated several times. 😀
I only got back to Kelantan on monday night. Seems the bus was infested with kids going off to UiTM or USM. Huhu. New semester fever. 🙂 They aired Laila Isabella for the first 2 hour of the bus trip. Was more sleepy than enjoying the movie. 🙂 And now here I am back home, doing nothing, just enjoying the fresh air, reading “Crossroads of Twilight” by Robert Jordan. Already finished At Large in KL. Actually I bought 4 books on friday 30th. Am trying to finish the books before I go back to Penang. I know I won’t be able to read a page once I got there, there’s always something else requiring my attention :). Oh I just burned up a wasp’s nest. The nest was big, the size of a coconut. My father was worried about the wasp attacking us. Manage to burn it without a scratch. I think that should be enough. This has been an extra long entry. Wonder when I’ll be able to put it up. I don’t really like to slow connection at home (36.6kbps) 😀 Maybe I’ll order Streamyx at another time.

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