Of Insects

Had a pretty early class today, 9am (actually that’s my only class at 9am) 😀 , Entomology… taught by my vice dean. Now USM is changing the curricullum they are going to teach everything in English. Entomology is among the few papers that’s now being taught in English.They are doing it in phases. Huhu, the class is fun basically, because the lecturer is. He can crack jokes 😀 though he don’t do that in class. As a quiz he asked us to name a few order of insect.. I can only remember one.. silly me.. I’m no good at insects.. all those Odonata, Diptera thingy.. huhu
Ermm watched a few movies lately, 2 Fast 2 Furious was nice (We won’t get the movie till October, but I have other means of getting early movies) Devon Aoki made a debut in the pic. But she’s only featured only a couple of times in the movie. Won’t see much of her face. And I have also watched Bruce Almighty and The Hulk…. Bruce Almighty probably will never get to M’sia coz Jim Carrey became God so to speak :D. As for the Hulk, though it’s an Ang Lee movie it was so n so… the CGI was toooo obvious which ruined everything… the storylines were ok. Eyp I better go and eat my medication again.. this fever is buggin me :sick: I’m getting better though.

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  1. hehe…. finding nemo is such a suweet and funny movie! this wiken me wanna go and watch 2 fast 2 furious but… daily trojan give only half a star out of 10! bess ke tak bess ni?? ermm.. :think:

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