Nice Talk

I had a nice talk with a friend, I sort of let off my load in the heart.. felt relieved to be able to talk somebody about it… Thanks to that friend :). It was over my difficult love life.. mentioning some stuff which left me blurry eyed… yes a guy can cry.. who cares if it’s not macho enough. Haha :))
I sort of opened up to her and told her whom I felt really disappointed with… it wasn’t number 4, as that was always in my mind as something that was more of a dream and realizing it can be true 🙂
I was more disappointed in my 3rd one .. the one from Kuantan/Rompin… because I felt that the relationship could last. Even had her meet some key ppl in my life, and those ppl approved of her. But it ended with her saying she wasn’t comfortable with the relationship wanted time off from me…. and time off it was… for good … 🙁 eyp wanna go and have my sleep.

2 thoughts on “Nice Talk

  1. Everything is ok in the end. If it is not ok, then it is not the end 🙂
    if u cant be with someone u love,maknanya ada someone else out there deserves ur love more than she does..wish u all the best 🙂

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