Lady In Black

I mentioned that I went shopping.. what I didn’t mention was that during that… I saw something which really caught my eyes… and I’ve just discussed it with a friend.. and it caught her interest too…
First picture this…. any lady friend of yours, that’s a bit on the ranggi side… age 25-32++… add this to your imagination… she has 3 kids… yes 3 kids… That’s what I saw yesterday, a lady with her hubby and 3 small kids… I was going whoaaaa.. that is one lucky guy… coz to say the truth is that most girl/lady/woman doesn’t care much about herself after she’s married… although it is general knowledge that a guy doesn’t want to come back home to a lady that looks like she has just woke up and look disarrayed all the time… 😀
Ladies don’t you just go denying the fact that most would just feel so secure having a husband that they don’t think the husband would mind them looking horrible.. when the girl that he married was soo cute.. soo this and that.. 🙂 Having a wife that stays the way she were when u married her would be like a gift from the heavens.. yeah I know with time everything changes.. but then a month after you married her… “takkan dah jadi siput sedut kotttt” … ekekeke … 😀 I made my point.. hey don’t say I’m choosy or anything but if a girl like that becomes my wife.. I’d be glad and grateful… if not.. I’ll still love her, after all its all in the heart … but the physical is always a bonus.. 🙂
[Listening to: Remember Me – Leslie Parrish – Initial D (vol 1) (4:42)]

5 thoughts on “Lady In Black

  1. bukan lelaki jer pikir begitu..perempuan pun yg lg teruknya,some guys belum kawin pon dah boroi..(AMN PJK- ahli makan nasik,perut jalan kedepan)..err,yg tu apa cerita? :think:

  2. saya sebenarnya nak fokuskan kepada camna ya pompuan sebegitu boleh jaga bodi lepas kawin, tapi nampaknya dah tersalah tuju. I’m not trying to attack women at general… 😀

  3. hehe.. btul tu. mmg patut semua wife jaga badan, untuk diri sendiri.. dan utk suami. tak rugi pon.. 😀

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