Brain Damage

I’m not able to write anything of interest on the website. I’ve been playing around with php too much. I’m currently in the process of customizing the error page of my website so I can have a little bit more info about it whenever anything happens… I’m also in the process of creating a collapsible menu that can be combined with MT easily. The menu is ready actually just that I’m adding cross-browser compatibility and that errr sort of makes it harder 😀 I’m also thinking of adding a search button .. for future ease of use.. incase i want to find out how many entries contain what words.. 😀
Ermm that’s all i think…. will try to write something tomorrow…
* There’s two way of doing a website, u either design it so beautifully that ppl keep coming back just to see it, or u just do it withs loads of content that ppl cant stop reading every other content , all other way are derived from this , – Anonymous *
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3 thoughts on “Brain Damage

  1. Hey , thanks man, for helping me… sorry terpaksa keluar.. yahoo diskonect me. tension jer.
    btw, your site in 800 the menu pi bawah..cuba check.

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