Boys and Girls

I was surfing thru the net as usual, then dropped by at a site that I once helped to build. Saw that a discussion was going on…. the main topic of the discussion “Girls Hitting On Boys”. Interesting topic perhaps… but have been discussed severely on other community websites….
I sort of dropped a comment that sounded like this
“Kalau si dara merasakan masih tidak tergugat dengan ramainya dara dari si uda, tak perlulah si dara memulakan, tapi jika sebaliknya?”
I wonder would that statement heat up the discussion a bit Smile
Anyway I just noticed another thing …. it seems that whenever I see a good website… i would automatically want to see the source code for it… just wanted to see how organized the codes are.. Smile call me crazy or whatever… just trying to scoop up other ppl’s tricks… anyway u wont find mine Smile coz i dont use any tricks.. all the stuff here is just basic html things… Smile

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