Another Bus Ride

It was tiring… if u say a seven hour bus ride is not tiring, then I’d say u are lying. Thank god the bus seat was comfortable 🙂 Although I had to endure a junior who was on the same bus… and kept smiling weirdly at me :hypno: perhaps because she hasnt seen me in about 2 years .. ekekek .. that’s how hard it is for ppl to find me 🙂 Arrived in Penang around 6pm… tired.. tired…
Still haven’t got my computer yet… gonna go and pick it up tomorrow at the mysterious hiding place 🙂 naaahhh… gonna set up the computer at another place heheh.. tired of the lab.. the connection is fast but impeded by the ridiculous websense that USM installed… sheesh.. they even blocked as if winamp got porn in it. Anyhoo gonna go and try to find some movies online 🙂
Anyway here’s something a friend wrote.. which sort of hit me smack in the face 🙂 Thanks for the reminder Naz..
Hope And Patience

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