Twilight Zone….

Just had me a call from me girl… we were cut off, I think her credit ran out again… ekekek, I need to reload sometime this week, not good depending on your girlfriend to call you. Ah how I really do appreciate her calling me, especially at this time when my credit has ran out.. 🙂 Her computer is at the shop, being repaired, the motherboard fried, she was hearing a clicking sound last night, I thought perhaps it was the motherboard fans clicking coz it was misaligned or something, so I told her to give a good thump on the side of the computer, then guess what the computer when kapuut. ekekek a case of bad advice… forgot to check whether it was the power supply clicking…. So here we are with out any forms of communication till her computer returns from the shop. Oh well just gotta contain the my feelin for her for a moment… damn, I miss her already.
Today was supposed to be a busy day, I was about to go to the dealership to discuss the current price of computer parts, but then again my friend forgot that today is a non working saturday (govt) and usually the dealership closes at half day. So here we are stuck, guess i’ll have to go on Monday.
Finally amran wrote a comment on my memoirs, I think its finally the right time to roll out the guestbook which I should have done from the beginning. Ira, sorry bout what happened, no word can be said only that be brave. It will pass.

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