New Haircut

Slept quite late today, I actually slept at 4am. Then woke up again around 6 and couldn’t sleep until 8am. I only woke up around 11am. Proceeded to my work. Which was to redo the whole report, and not forgetting the application form thingy. Had to reformat the application form so it would be easier to fill in. 🙂 Got everything right about 2.30pm. Went to see the lecturer to talk about the application form. Needed more info to get it done right.
Next on my list of things to do today was get myself a haircut. So that’s what I did exactly. Got myself a new haircut courtesy of the Head Hunters (that’s the name of the saloon). Cheaper than the mamak barbers outside USM 😀 Hehehehe best.. the head feelssss much lighter. And I’m thinking rather clearly. Got a friend to go with me jogging that afternoon. It was refreshing. Why shouldn’t it… Joggin at the top of a hill is always refreshing…. nice view of the sea tooooo. That’s what I did all day…. pretty mundane.. nothing exciting at all…..
Now what? Don’t know, currently I’m in a kind of loop 8-} Doing ordinary everyday stuff… boring… I can’t stop thinking.. what kind of job am I going after next? Am I going to work in Kelantan? or stay in Penang, or make a bigger leap, go straight to KL? but I have this thing about being in big city, sure as hell u get a lot of entertainment but still I prefer the rural setting, where you can just lounge and relax… maybe work on a garden in the backyard or frontyard for that matter… am I pursuing my field which is by right Aquatic Biology. Or do I still want to diversify my skill set? I already know I can work in a technical setting, there was that webdesigner cum graphic design stuff. It was fun while it lasted. I know that I am capable of being a research assistant. Heck, that’s my current job.. at least till July when the contract will end… yeah I’m in it for the experience… I need to better my human skills.. I’m quite rusty in that region. Ermph ok that’s all gonna go and test the Initial D vcd that I made.
Anyway here’s something I picked up from zero’s page.. heheh

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