May Lightning Strike

What’s with the title? heheh just a bit mad at TNB. Just a little rhetoric considering they are using lightning as their logo. Blackout at my GF’s house….. What’s with TNB? problem in the electrical grid again? Or just trying to be funny. Anyway may lightning struck those lazy lightning guys… that will surely make them work harder next time.. ekekekkeek….. Ok wanna design the guestbook for this page.

10 thoughts on “May Lightning Strike

  1. i really do hope that you would find happiness in each other….please dont be like me, naiive,stupid, was helplessly and hopelessly devoted to someone who’s just palying around with my little heart…what can i say more?? kakak,ape dosa saya??

  2. lighting come my way,
    too long since you had had your say,
    i know sometimes i cannot bring to pay,
    my hard efforts bundling together hay.
    it is a power unseen,
    nice when the stars can finally be seen,
    eversince i was a little teen,
    watching the stars gave that feeling serene.
    oh ira, maybe you’ve been through troubles,
    though, do not despair, do not be in rubbles,
    hard sometimes are lessons in life keeping us in grumbles,
    remember though, patience and istiqamah would keep one in treble.

  3. haiyarkkkkk there goes amran again with his poems… his comments must be poetic??? I wonder why you are an engineer instead of a bookwriter or poet…. ekkekeke Smile

  4. Ira..nanti tell akak what happened yer..I’ll kick his !@#$%^& @$$ Smile Hish..need to know what happened to my lil sis..hmm..

  5. waterandfire??siapakah gerangannya dikau?? thank you sooo much for cheering me up..that poem (or whatever it is..sorry,i’m hopeless with literature) meant a lot to me…merci beaucoup!

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