I Feel Good

Feeling right as the sun today, dealt with ITC, got my smartcard working again… something about change of management of the card system… oh well, at least I can get to my office at night.. Got the ext. number of the dude who’s managing the cardserver…. hehehe I’ll bug him if this happens again.
Met Puan Rohaya, talked to her about the PO, seems we need to send in the order next week, phew and how the heck am I going to do that? 30K worth of stuff is not easy to get by credit. oh well, I’ll manage somehow… And I also got to know where my check got stuck, it seems that the Accounting Dept of YP hold off the check because they had a similar release of check about a year back. Sending someone to Pahang to deal with that.. Seems someone need to be set straight…. Anyway why didn’t they call me, instead waited for me to call them first. Sheesh.. typical govt worker.
Missin my girl right now… probably right now she’s stuck somewhere in traffic, trying to get home from work. Oh well, I’ll have to wait till 7 to see her online. Now I need to get me something to eat. Feels very hungry, I think I can eat a horse or an elephant … ekkeekke….
*Listening to Hasnol – Laguku Untuk Mu , nostalgic bebeh!*

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