Bad Day

It was a very bad day today, almost everything went wrong, actually just one thing.. but it affects my entire being. So now I’m cutting short my stay in KL. Just gonna go to the wedding and head straight back to Kelantan. X( Now I’m a bit depressed, but not for long. As I always do bounce right back .. la la la 🙂 Ohhh how dreadful this is.
Next on list to do. Get myself some accomodation till the end of July. The RA thingy will end in July. Then I’m trying to move in at some other place. We’ll see if I can arrange that. Huhu 🙂 God, I’m bumped with things to settle before the end of the week!! 8-} Gonna go crazy after this 🙂 Hermm gonna go and buy myself something good to eat 😀 that always do the trick. Not Ice Cream though…. I’ve lost my love for Ice-Cream. My teeth is becoming sensitive to the cold. Huhu. Eyp happy holidays to those on school holidays
[Listening to: Burning Up For You – Initial D (vol 2) – (4:48)]

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