Staring At The Cloudless Sky

Staring At The Cloudless Sky
by karlbum
I lay on my back,
staring at the cloudless sky,
gazing at the fields of stars
withered hopes and shattered dreams,
amidst the ruins of battle,
i wish for no more than,
for a drop of water
amongst the lonely battlefield,
beyond the aftermath of disgrace,
i hear foot falls,
i hear you,

the water bearer,
the giver of life,
mother nature,
brought to life,
you gave me life,
you gave me hope,
hope that i never thought to have,
hope that i never knew existed anymore,
i give thanks to god,
for hearing my prayers,
for giving me this gift,
i give thanks to the water bearer,
for choosing me,
for giving me hope,
i lay on my back,
staring at the cloudless sky,
remembering the day,
you saved me……
was written around 29/01/03

2 thoughts on “Staring At The Cloudless Sky

  1. deep but a little laid back..he’s most of the time laid back when writing poems..I find it difficult making him express himself (even in poems) 🙂

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