Not A Bad Day

Phew, today felt good for some reason. Met my lecturer to ask about my grades, he smiled … and said I dont know… hah … a joke for sure.. then realizing the guy was really busy (editing biography for his publication) I toss a few more stuff and got what I wanted to know (I’ll pass he says) and quickly made my exit… and that ended my escapade with him.
The rest of the day was not so eventful, spend most my afternoon and evening working on this journal, and achieved a few things…. the layout looks better for instance… still thinking of adding a photo album and a guestbook later on…
The highlight of the day is surely, me calling my gf… Felt really good hearing her voice after a few days…. got my 5 minutes of her and I already felt lightheaded….. haven’t been able to call her for a few days… and i felt relieved to hear her voice…. doesn’t want her to think i’ve neglected her… when I really do miss her sooo much….

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