It’s Raining Outside

I’m stuck at the office, it’s raining pretty bad outside there… supposed to have a meeting with my friends at 10, think it has to do with the tender for the 40 computers that the pharmacy school wanna buy.
Today has been quite a productive day… went to the treasury to see what I owe the univ, woweee my fees summed up to a total of 1k++++++ …. that’s quite a sum… think I’m going to go and pay that in a few more day…. The afternoon was quite ok, I was designing a new banner for the website… made it in both flash and gif… but the flash wont show up… I left it like there.. still stuck on what the solution should be… i can have a swf file in every directory .. sheesh…
and while I was doing that I was surprised by my GF going online… a big surprise.. seems she had half the day off.. hehe…. lucky me….
But as I was enjoying her companion, got a call from “tokei cc”, something about the internet server going haywire… have to go and see it for myself….. luckily my GF wanted to have a bath… that saved me from having to go away while she was online….
So here I am.. back at the office.. still thinking about the flash thingy…. how do we do it… seems i just have to port it to a gif file then.. but the tricks I did with it in flash would be hard to copy in a gif…. oh well… I have a whole night ahead… pheww… think that’s enough for now….

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