A Day Gone Awry

Yesterday was another supposedly boring day, with supposedly nothing special, but things happen which I can’t stop. No wonder I had this bad feeling from the start. Got to the CC just fine, perhaps a bit late, but considering all the odds, I was wondering how I made it to the CC at all. Then feeling in a good mood, I built this webbie. Huhu… not bad for a person who’s been away from it all for a few months. Felt good for a moment there.
Now I’m feeling weird all over again. I promised myself I’d call my gf. But then, heh…. how the heck am I going to call her? Public phones are too goddamn far away. And no credit on the phone RM0.01 to be exact… Now I’m feeling guilty for not calling her and knowing how she topped up her phone 7 times this month alone just to call me. (not to mention calling her sis but then again it’s her sis). Feels so down these days.. Perhaps coz I miss my gf too much. Used to be able to talk to her everyday, either on IRC or over the phone. But now, its been 2 days since I last heard from her.
Sheesh, why didnt I call her.
And now I’m sleeping late again. 3 am and still not sleeping. What is happening with me. Tomorrow I need to meet my lecturer. This has turn to be the most difficult time of my life.
I’m seriously overstressed these days. I suspect that I’m getting crazier by the day…..

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