Malaysian School Holiday 24/25 iCal

MOE released next school session’s calendar. I updated the feed to include the 2024/2025 dates. I also moved the file to a shorter url.

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Multiple Devices, One Experience

This week has been all about simplifying the use of two computers for me.

  1. Mouse Without Borders:
    I stumbled upon an app called “Mouse without borders.” It’s quite nifty. With it, I could effortlessly use a single keyboard and mouse across both my computers. The best part? I could directly copy and paste between the two systems. MAGIC!
  2. Using a PC as a Display:
    Instead of getting a new monitor for my laptop, I tried something different. I projected my laptop’s screen onto my PC. All it took was enabling the “projecting to this pc” feature. It’s like having a second screen without the added cost or clutter.

It’s been a week of discoveries, and I’m excited to see what other tech tricks I can uncover next!

So, using two computers together can be easy. With the right apps and settings, it’s simple and helpful.

The Dilbert vs. Peter Principle: A Quick Dive

In the realm of organizational behavior, two humorous yet insightful principles stand out: The Dilbert Principle and The Peter Principle. Both offer unique takes on the dynamics of corporate hierarchies, but how do they differ?

The Peter Principle, coined by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in 1969, posits that “in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence.” In simpler terms, people get promoted based on their current job performance until they reach a position where they’re no longer competent. The result? A corporate structure filled with employees who are out of their depth.

On the other hand, The Dilbert Principle, introduced by cartoonist Scott Adams, takes a slightly more cynical view. It suggests that companies tend to promote their least competent employees to management positions to limit the damage they can do. In the world of Dilbert, it’s not about rising to your level of incompetence; it’s about being strategically placed there.

While both principles paint a bleak picture of corporate promotions, they offer valuable insights. The Peter Principle warns organizations of the dangers of promoting solely based on current performance without considering the skills needed for the next role. The Dilbert Principle, meanwhile, serves as a satirical reminder that sometimes, management decisions can be baffling.

In conclusion, while both principles approach the topic with humor, they serve as cautionary tales. Organizations must be mindful of their promotion strategies to ensure that they’re placing the right people in the right roles for the right reasons.

While both principles shed light on organizational inefficiencies, they offer different perspectives on the dynamics of promotions. In essence, while Peter’s principle warns of the dangers of promoting based on past performance, Dilbert’s highlights the irony of corporate decision-making.

Do, Don’t, Overdo: The Fine Line Between Success and Overkill

In the realm of personal and professional endeavors, there’s a delicate balance between doing, not doing, and overdoing. Many of us are familiar with the first two, but it’s the third that often trips us up. Overdoing can be just as detrimental as not doing at all, especially when it comes to self-promotion.

I recall an incident from my college days that perfectly encapsulates this. A group of enthusiastic students decided to create a video on the very topic of “do, don’t, overdo.” They had the right intentions, aiming to educate their peers on the importance of moderation. However, in their zeal, they overdid the production, adding flashy graphics, dramatic music, and an overly lengthy script. The message was lost amidst the razzmatazz.

Favouristim : Nepotism or Cronyism

According to The Oxford Dictionary,

Nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives, friends, or associates, especially by giving them jobs.


Cronyism is the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.

The keyword that differentiates between these two word is “qualification”, if you favour someone over another and both of them are qualified for the job then you should use the word nepotism. If however you still favour someone even though they are less qualified then that is cronyism.

Now let’s rethink your word choice.


Malaysian School Holiday iCal

MOE released next school session’s calendar. I updated the feed to include the 2023/2024 dates. I also moved the file to a shorter url.

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How To Write A Good Essay Part2

here are some simple tips

1 Use ALL Of Your Senses Lets review what is our senses, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Feel (touch/tactile) but lets not forget your Feelings (Heart). The sixth sense.

When writing please include as much as detail as possible, for you to remember to do this just remember all your senses and ask
– What can you see
– What can you hear
– and etc

In most cases students (not all but I see that most of my students) will neglect to include their Heart. A good writer will include in his/her writings what is close to their heart, here is how you will attract your readers. Human are busybody/prying (jaga tepi kain org) and when the writer starts to include personal feelings it will be more interesting and intriguing to the reader. More plus point for getting the examiner to actually read your essay rather than just skimming to see the structure smile.gif

2. Don’t choose the shorter questions, such as water, peace, environment. These type of single word questions are among the hardest to score. You will think that it will be easy for you to get idea/contents for the topic but don’t be fooled. Most of the time, I see that students will start to branch out too much and lose focus of the topic itself. If you are not confident, don’t pick that topic. Chose a more directed question.

For this type of questions when u wander around too much, u will tend to get a grade lower than what you are supposed to get. Nowadays the marking scheme are what u call, holistic marking, where the examiner will glance thru the entire essay and see if your essay has what it takes to be an A essay. If not, he’ll go down a notch and check if its a B essay, and so on so forth. (this is a simplification of the true process, ask your teacher, she will be able to explain it in more details)

BTW, writing is a natural born ability that is an extension of speaking. If you are the type that is talkative and tends to be good at story telling, even if its only retelling the Korean Drama to your friend then more than likely you are a good writer as well. smile.gif

Anymore q’s on how to write good essays just post it here. This is all I could remember. If I remember more, I’ll post it up here.

How To Write A Good Essay Pt1

How does one type a good fictional/story type essay? hmmmm

It is a matter of expressing yourself actually. A good essay needs a clear view of where it is going. Please make sure that you have a defined Introduction, Content and Ending. This means u need a guide/draft.

Then after that you need to capture your audience/reader. Make them experience the story. Provide as much detail as possible.

Here is an example of how you can provide details to your sentences

Ex: ” I went to the canteen”
When? I went to the canteen today
When again? At exactly 10am I went to the canteen
How? I ran to the canteen
Why? I went to the canteen to buy some sweets

This method of asking questions to extract more details could create in itself a story. Here’s how

When the recess bell rang at 10am, I jumped out of my seat and ran as fast as I could to the canteen, I must get there before the other students. I must! This time I will get what I want most from the canteen, the delightful mini burgers that I like so much.

That instead of saying, “I went to the canteen for recess, I ate mini burgers”

Drama is the life of a story, and no drama will be good without details smile.gif

p/s: That’s all i could think just right off the bat.

Malaysian School Holiday 2022/23 iCal

Searched for an ical feed for school holidays but couldn’t find one.

So I made these for my own personal use but decided to extend it for other people as well by creating another one for Group B.

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Custom ROM

Used to tinker with my phone and changed roms regularly. But nowadays, I prefer to change the rom on my android headunit instead.

Source? Still xda-dev. Why them? Because they were there from the beginning since before my 1st android phone…. My 1st was actually an xda2mini so it makes sense that i went to that forum.

Why tinker? Sometimes there are just things that you want and is not provided by the manufacturer. My headunit for instance is shipped with android 6 but with instructions from the forum has been updated to android 10.

Dangerous? Of course it is dangerous if you don’t read properly the instructions. There is the risk of your device turning into a brick. But even then you might find instructions on giving it life again.

Till next time.