Ahmad Faiq Amri

Alhamdulillah, praise to god, my son has finally decided to come out into the world. The EDD was actually on 2nd March, but had been delayed.

Signs of labor started on Friday the 4th morning, via a bloody discharge, then wife started to have her contractions towards noon. But the contractions were on and off so we delayed going to the hospital, even called and checked with wife’s doctor and she concurred we dont need to hurry. the contractions continued to be on and off for the rest of the day until it subsided late afternoon.

Contractions started again at around 11pm, this time stronger and stronger, got out of the house at around 2 and arrived 15 minutes later at KBMC. Waited a bit for the doctor to arrive, then around 3.30 actual labour started, and finally at 3.56am, 5th March 2011 our little boy arrived into this world. Weighing at 3.8kg just a little bit heavier than the sister.

The name of our wonderful little bundle is unofficially Ahmad Faiq Amri. Need to wait for a day or so to go to the Registration Department to get it official. Smile


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Escape To Terengganu

Alya & Me @ The Crystal Mosque

This year I was tasked with the not so tough but still time demanding duty of invigilating the SPM examination, from 23rd November till 20th December I was stuck. All plans was cancelled, had to cancel going to Johor for my cousin’s wedding, was only able to went to the groom’s side here in Kelantan. Was also unable to visit wife’s brother that had a knee surgery in KL.

After some discussion with the wife, we decided that if we couldn’t go to KL or Johor, a trip to Terengganu would do. So that’s what we did. We planned to go right after SPM finished and wanted it to be on a weekend so we can meet up with friends in Terengganu. So we decided to go on Christmas weekend.

Unfortunately for us, we had to push off later than we planned as on 23rd the PMR results was announced, and I myself had a meeting on that particular morning. Still that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm, as I said to my wife, better late than never. Smile

With the hotel’s assurance that they would hold our booking until 11pm , we pushed off at around 4pm, the journey was uneventful as it only took us 1 and a half hours to get there… not too much traffic on the way there. Felt more like I was driving to KB on a busy day.. heheheh

Arrived there in a small shower and me thinking this weather would really ruin our trip as we need to be indoors most of the time. But we were already there so enjoy it we must Razz

So we checked in at the Felda Residence Kuala Terengganu and got ourselves a room on the 12th floor! The room was actually a corner room so instead of it just facing the riverfront we also got ourselves a view of Kuala Terengganu city. A nice room indeed if I might say so Smile

So we got comfortable and unpacked, my wife had already packed us some nasi goreng the only thing it was lacking was a dish, so we head out to a nearby McDonald’s and bought their Ayam Goreng McD.. spicy for me Smile Then the night was spent eating dinner in front of the TV inside our room, and afterwards straight to bed, but of course my daughter wouldn’t allow us to sleep that early..

Second day there we had an early start, had the complementary breakfast at the hotel, I don’t know why but some of the food tasted a bit salty, chef must have had a bad day ehehheh… Then right after breakfast we head out to Chendering in search of “Mak Ngah Nasi Dagang“, quite famous for its delicious nasi dagang, our intention was to “tapau” some for lunch. You will be saying, why so early? Because by the time we arrived it was already 9 am and we had to wait for half an hour just to get to our turn. The crowd was packed, ppl arriving since 7 in the morning, but most of the crowd was dining in, and the owner prioritizes the dine-in crowd. Lucky that ours was take-away as it was a long queue just to get a place to sit.

After Chendering we went to Pulau Wan Man, to visit the Taman Tamadun Islam / Islamic Heritage Park, but we didn’t go in to the Monuments Park instead spent our time at the Crystal Mosque only. Was wondering why there were so many people at the mosque and thought it was because of the school holiday, apparently not, there was actually a wedding taking place at the mosque at that time, so we went and had a little walk by the river instead. Smile

After resting for a bit at the hotel, we went out again that afternoon. Went over to Kg. Bukit Tok Beng (BTB), wanted to order some kerepok lekor to take home, alas it was closed. Then we went to a shop called Pak Ndut’s as it is said his keropok keping is the best but it was also closed. Then and only then did we remember that it was a Friday. Not everybody opens on a friday hehehe Razz

That night as I was supposed to meet up with a few friends, we had an early dinner. Went to a little place near our hotel called Zie’s Corner, as the western there was highly recommended, I order a Sirloin Steak while the wife had Chicken Chops and not forgetting the daughter we ordered omelette with sausage for her. Did I mention that my daughter just love to eat eggs in general. All I can say is the food there is delicious and reasonably price, certainly not a 5 star affair but for the price it was a bargain.

Later, the meet up with friends was cancelled due to some technicalities Smile Instead we decided to stay in and watch the television as there was Anugerah Skrin that night. I went out before hand to the nearby Pizza Hut and ordered a small pizza to munch on while watching the award show.

On saturday, right after breakfast we went back to BTB and ordered our keropok lekor, we wanted to pick up the keropok at 2pm, but they told us it would only be ready at 5. So after discussing with my wife we decided to reschedule our day and instead go back to Kelantan after 5. After that we went back to Pak Ndut’s place but it was still closed, apparently they have a ‘kenduri kahwin’ that day. Seems we need to go to some other place to get our keropok keping.

As we have a few more hours to kill, we went back to TTI and this time around we went to the Monuments Park. Alya had fun running to and fro inside the park, but instead of being interested with the monuments she was more interested with the playground and the rides they have. We had fun as well checking out the different monuments from all over the world, there we definitely many photo opportunities. At 11.30am we realized that we were running late and it would almost be impossible to get back to the hotel and check out by 12. So I called the hotel and asked for an extension, they gave us the extension and that leaves us with an extra hour.

Rushed back to the hotel so that we can pack our bags. Arrived at the hotel at 12 and hurriedly packed everything. By 12.45pm managed to haul everything to the car and check out from the hotel.. phewwww! As my wife had promised to meet up with her friend from her university days we head out to Batu Buruk beach. Met my wife’s old friend and her family at the Batu Buruk Food Court. Went to this Nasi Ayam Yunnan stall for lunch, and my wife definitely had a wonderful time catching up with her old friend, the husband is from Kelantan so I was talking to him throughout the meal making small talks Smile

After lunch we head out to Bazaar Warisan where my wife went shopping for Batik while I wait in the car with my sleeping daughter. It didn’t take her long to purchase her batiks.. but I did manage to do some surfing while in the car. hehehe Grin
Later on we went to Masjid Terapung Tg Zaharah for our Zohor and Asar prayer. We also spent some time there as it was still early and we didn’t want really want to rush back to BTB.

After Asar prayer we head on to Losong and went to Kak Yah’s, it was a stall/restaurant and there were many people there eating their keropoks. Bought our keropok keping and then continued our journey to BTB to pickup our Keropok Lekor.
Arrived at BTB just around 5, in time for our order to be ready. The place was packed to the brim. One interesting fact about this particular shop is that it is so packed and full of people that they had to utilize a queue system similar to the ones used in banks. If you ever get to the shop you might be greeted by the sound of “Number One Two Five (125), Counter One”. And by the time we got there the numbers were already in the thousands. Smile

So we headed straight home as it was already late, but we still had time for a short stop at Penarek beach. Bought ourselves some take-away dinner from Hasnik’s Restaurant…. Sotong Goreng Tepong, Ikan Celup Tepung every type of seafood imaginable fried in a light batter. Simply marvelous.. Razz

Managed to arrive in Machang just right after maghrib at around 7 pm Smile So you can say it was another 1.5 hours journey for us Smile minus the stops of course …. so that’s the condensed version of my trip to Terengganu last weekend.

Adieu Rose

Thirty One, It’s Official

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy 31st Birthday

Celebrated my birthday a few days ago in a quiet manner with my family, no fancy dinner or anything, instead the day was spent going around KB hunting down a toner for my printer which suddenly it

seems that everyone ran out of stock.

Even the dinner was done in a hurry, was just a quick grab of a dinner plate from KFC on the way home to Machang.

Nicest part of the day was the presents from my wife which was two batik shirts, which she gave and claim it was because she was tired of seeing me wear the same old batik to work. Smile Lovely presents which should last a few years at least Razz Unless I grow???

Anyway the year in retrospect have been a good one for me, I have at least achieve something in life even if it’s just an “MA”, which tonnes of ppl already have. Who knows might even be brave or crazy enough to do it once again to get a “Dr”.

Overall it is a good year and I’m happy to add another year to my age, hopefully with age I grow wiser and more patient.

Adieu Smile

Things Alya Say In The Car

Alya Lipat Kain

Alya Lipat Kain

My two year old daughter is quite talkative, eventhough she still has problems with her pronunciation… she is also most talkative when she is in the car… especially when commenting on the traffic… maybe because from an early age we taught her to recognize the type of vehicles… lorry, cars motorcyle, ambulance and the not so often excavators..

She also like to comment on the cars and traffic, for example whenever I hit a pothole she would say “gok gek car papa” (papa’s car is unstable).. and we have no idea where she got the word “gok gek” (kelantanese) probably from her nanny?

Today she was talking in the car, saying “aguh okcik! iso okcik!” (very good, uncle! superb, uncle!) holding her thumbs up and showing it to the car in front.. this one is because whenever we encounter problematic vehicles my wife and I would hold our thumbs up to them.. hehe (cynical?)

And yesterday was something else altogether, we went to KB and she slept in the back seat, she woke up as I was getting into a crawl near a traffic light, she commented “ange epuh car, ekciden.. bum bum” (don’t hit the car, excident boom boom”…. really funny… the observation power of a child….

Adieu Grin

Post Grad

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, I’ve finished my masters and have received my scroll.

Been slaving over it since dec 2008, and now when it is over I miss the rush of doing my assignments… for the record my masters was in applied linguistics, though i can’t vouch for my literary skills Razz

Anyway the convocation was not without any drama. First of all, the convo was a very wet affair. Was raining non stop the day of my convocation and continues on after that. Hence we had to walk a mile or so from the parking lot to where the graduands was supposed to gather in the rain! And yes the parking was scarce as the first session of the convo was still not finished at the time.

The day after the convo I went back to UUM (yep that’s the univ) to return my robe, on the way there 2 lanes were closed because of flooding. Thought that was that… but it was not so…. meanwhile back to UUM I had to walk in the rain again! Just to get some money out of the ATM. So after I finished returning my robe and collecting my scroll and transcript, I started to go back to my guesthouse, lo and behold! all 4 lanes of the road has been closed, lucky I had some help from Mr. GPS and managed to find an alternative route through some kampong road which was at that time still not flooded.

Got back to the house loaded all of the baggage and started my way back to Kelantan, but guess what… the road that I used to go to Changlun is flooded and now I had to try another road! Again!

Continued my journey to Kelantan after making a short detour to AOR airport to send my parents off to Johor. We then had a short pit stop at R&R Perah near Gerik and took off at 6. Around 7pm we had to stop in the middle of the jungle as very close after Kelantan-Perak border near Jeli, a tree had fallen in the middle of the road. Lucky that behind me were a few trucks full of soldiers, with their help and also¬†a big rig they managed to pull the tree out of the way and finally we managed to continue our journey….

Finally arrived at my home at around 10pm… my journey to Kedah only took me around 5 hours ++ but the journey back took almost double of that because of the multitudes of “events” on the way back.

That is not including the drama with my parents’ flight Razz delayed for 6 hours!! huhu

p/s: me studying masters would somewhat explain why I was on a bit of hiatus from the site, didn’t have much time to write anything, even if I did it would only be in snatches on fb if any..

Death In Kg Pak Roman – Cik Pak Cob In Memory

My grandfather, Yaacob Abdullah died this morning at 4.45am at HRPZII (HKB). He died due to a perforated gastric ulcer and then combined with heart complications. He is the last of my grandparents to go and amazingly the oldest. According to his IC he is 89 years old, but it is estimated his real age is more than 100.
It started with him being admitted to the Emergency Room of Hospital Machang 2 weeks prior, he complained of stomach pain. The doctor diagnosed him with perforated gastric ulcer and was transferred to HKB and receiving 4 pints of blood during the process. Then he had an OGDS. Was warded for 6 days and then was sent home much healthier.
After a few days he complaints of chest pains and was readmitted to the ER at Machang then transferred again to KB, and had to be hooked up to a machine. Almost 24 hours after being transferred to KB he was pronounced dead.
Adieu dearest grandfather…. the one that always calls me as “Cucu Cik” before cuddling me, even to his last days, not caring that I’ve outgrown his lap….. Adieu….

Nationwide vs SkyNet : The Verdict

After waiting and waiting and waiting, the results are in. Both failed miserably! Both of the courier company failed to deliver the item on 24th, instead Nationwide delivered the document on 28th and SkyNet only managed to do it on 29th.
n-vs-s 0-0.png
Was very disappointed with nationwide as I know that they managed to send my item on time (next day delivery!), but have not been doing so for the last few times. Their excuse was that the delivery truck to Jitra was late on the 24th so that they couldn’t send it out on time.
However SkyNet’s excuse for not delivering on time is stupider I think.

Shipment Problem 3
Date: 29 Dec 09 9:49 am
Problem Code: PC005
Created By: JTR
Delivery has been attempted, the consignee was not present / company closed. Delivery will be re-attempted on 30 Dec 09

I mean come on this is an office, you can’t say that they are not there. So many ppl inside and you say “company closed”?.
I might need to look at other avenues. PosLaju’s claim that they can deliver documents/parcels the next day before 10 am in UUM sounds pretty good right now. Perhaps I’ll use them the next time I have to send something to UUM. The hard part is the fact that PosLaju’s (Machang) cut off is 12.30pm as opposed to Nationwide, you can go as late as 6pm. Though the lady at Machang Post Office did say that I can go to KB’s Post Office as their cut off time is much later.
Conclusion, courier services to UUM is miserable (Nationwide and SkyNet). However it can’t be said to represent both company’s as a whole. Maybe I’ll redo this experiment with another destination? However next delivery maybe I’ll try PosLaju.

Nationwide vs SkyNet : The Courier Test

n-vs-s.pngAfter hearing all the good words about both courier companies and the fact that I also use both a lot to send my documents and also to receive them. In fact when I was in Gua Musang, they would personally deliver parcels to me at night as they already know I won’t be available in the day, that’s what we call personalized service Grin
So to decide once and for all, which is the best courier company for my need. Today I sent 2 identical parcels containing 2 identical items to the same destination. Both was posted at 2.15 to 2.30pm.
I have checked and found out that the destination UUM Sintok are not on the ODA (Outskirt Delivery Area) list of Nationwide, but was unable to find Skynet’s ODA list. Although one seller in Lelong claims UUM is ODA for Skynet. So based on that we can say that they have the almost the same level of playing field as Skynet’s has the nearest branch at Jitra while Nationwide’s nearest branch is at Alor Setar. So that would even out the fact that Skynet might have UUM on its ODA list while Nationwide doesn’t.
Now what we need to do is wait for the item to arrive, the question is when???? and who will be first?
Till the conclusion Devil

Holiday In Johor Bahru

Went to Johor Bahru to visit my parents, they are currently living there with my sister. Managed to spent a few days there.
On the way there, took the shorter route and arrived in 10 hours… meaning that we took to the hills and there was nothing but greens all the way there. Slept like a baby when I got there… haven’t had to drive long distances for quite a while Smile Our holiday there was not filled with sight seeing, but more like trying to cover as many shopping places as possible. 1st day there, we went to the biggest AEON in Southeast Asia, AEON Tebrau City….. and it was big… but couldn’t really explore the place as I brought along my parents and they were already tired after 1 round. But I did manage to make a pit stop to one of the bookshops and got 3 books… hehe
Second day, my wife wanted to see this famous place that made tableware, she learned about it from her friend, it was 80km from JB so we left early. The interesting bit about this place is that not only they make tableware under their own name, but they also produces for other brands, the few brands that I found was from UK and France. Forgot the name of the place is Claytan and its located in Ayer Hitam. My wife bought a set of for our home. Quite a nice set if I may say so.
In the afternoon we went out again and found our way to The Zon Duty Free, eventhough it says that it is duty free I can’t see any real differences for the price, even when looking at perfumes I think the price is almost the same as other places, then we got out and went ahead to Johor second biggest Aeon, hehe AEON Bukit Indah, they had a Crocs outlet over there, I bought a pair of shoes there, a model that they didn’t have in Kelantan, enticed by the promotion my wife bought one as well… hahah, she also went ahead and bought some clothes for herself.
The day after we went to Larkin’s wet market and bought some Nasi Beriyani spices and also bought some coffee. Then went to buy some clothes for the daughter at Danga City Mall..
I think JB has more shopping complexes per 10km radius than any other city in Malaysia, I mean come on, make a turn anywhere and you get to see another complex. I was told this was to cater to Singaporean shopping habits. Never mind as long as the price is cheap hehe Razz
On the way back we used the scenic route, the wife wanted to see some beaches, so went back via the coastal towns, we got home after almost 12 hours on the road, the trip back was really more tiring than the way there.
Tiring but definitely satisfying, managed to visit my parents, had a chance to go shopping and just a little bit of sight seeing. It was a fruitful trip Grin Now on to other things that I left hanging to go on a holiday hehehe Grin
Adieu Devil

We are connected!

Alhamdulillah after 3 months of talking on the phone, face to face meeting with various Telekom personnel and numerous excuses on why my phone is not connected.. finally I have my phone and my internet connection again.
Details on the ordeal? 13 July 2009 went to Tanah Merah TMPoint to arrange for transfer of my phone from Gua Musang to Machang. Yes Machang is so backwater that it only have a service office just like Gua Musang. Razz 30th July after complaining to TM that they were very slow on installing the phone the contractor came. Installed the phone just fine but was stumped as they said that the Cabinet was out of order. They say that only TM personnel can fix it as they are not authorized to do so.
Waited till next week. Got nothing, lodged a phone complaint. Nothing again for a month or so then got a phone call from Telekom KB, informing me that the Cabinet was damaged that they had to get parts and that required a lot of bureaucratic work.
Then they informed me that it was done. Waited some more. Nothing again. Went down to Machang’s service office, complained about the connection problem. They said that they will have a look into it. I made multiple phone complaints until finally a person from KB called me and properly introduced himself and gave his phone number and said that he will follow through with me until my connection is up. Informed me that the thing is going to take longer as they are upgrading the system in my area and my application is put on hold until they finish. So I waited some more, that took another a month more until finally a lady called asking where exactly is my house. Saying that my problem was somebody put the wrong cabinet for my application. I waited some more then a man called yesterday asking where my house is again around early morning. Then later on he called to inform that my phone is now connected and told me my new numbers. Then in the afternoon a lady called to check on whether my connection is ok or not. Told her they was some buzzing and informed her to connect my streamyx ASAP.
Today got another call from another lady asking whether I made a request to install streamyx whether it was a new application or what. Got home this afternoon and checked that the line was still not on. Left the modem on autoconnect mode and after dinner checked the lights and noticed that the LED for ADSL was steady and that meant I had connection!. So here I am rejoicing my connectivity but be damned I just registered for Celcom BB just last week! another 50 ringgit per month Frown But then again I’m cutting the internet at my mom’s house, nobody really use it anyway Grin
On another note, my laptop which was sent for repairs (vga controller was going bonkers) was just received on Sunday.. that makes it 37 days without my precious laptop Grin
So expect more entry from me real soon Grin heheh
Adieu Devil