Busy or Lazy?

It has been quite a while since I last wrote an entry on the website. This is due to a lot of reasons.
Number one reason being the fact that I am very busy at the moment with the new school and all. I have been appointed as the “S/U Headcount”. I thought I would be done with all those odd jobs after I changed school, I thought wrong!.
Number two is a bigger one actually. I have been here for 3 months and my internet connection has not been restored! Telekom Malaysia have been giving me a lot of reasons for the delay. First it was due to workload on part of the installation contractor, that delayed the installation by 2 weeks, after they installed the line they found out that the DB is faulty. That took a month to be fixed as they had to get the ppl at KB to approve the replacement parts. Then they upgraded the local interchange and my installation has been put on hold so that they don’t need to install it twice (they say la)
TM has kindly appointed for me a contact person whom I can call anytime of the day since his number at the office is set to automatically transfer the call to his cellphone… He has promised that my phoneline will be finally setup next week… that’s tomorrow, and he’s also coming over to Machang to see what’s the delay.
So, I guess that could explain why I’m neglecting the blog Razz currently I’m using my phone as a broadband modem to check on my emails and fb Razz but the connection rate is terrible over here plus my bills are wayyyy higher… how much higher? Celcom gave me a RM600 discount for last month’s bill… lu pikir la sendiri! hehehe Grin lucky that caused the bill to go negative heheeh Razz
So till I feel the next urge to write comes along….. adieu Devil

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