Eidul Adha 1429

As per the years before, when we talk about Eidul Adha, then it means that we are going to eat a lot of meat. Take for instance this year, from the first day I have been eating meat and meat and more meat. From Sate’s to Roti Jala with Chicken & Beef Kuzi. Today I went to my wife’s aunt we had some more meat! She made some Meccan Rice cuisine, and as per the norm for arabic food it contained a lot of meat! She lived there with her husband for a number of year so understandably it was good. Smile
What does eating all these meat mean to me. It means that my blood pressure will surely rise, in fact I can feel the beginning of a headache. It also mean that I will not be able to eat meat for a month or two just to get my blood pressure back under control. The price you have to pay for eating delicious foods. What is done is done Smile
Alya also had her share of the fun, she behaved very well when we went visiting family and friends. Even got her self some Duit Raya too. If only they would give it to her papa as well Grin Hope you guys had as much fun during your eid celebration as I did (Alya did!).
Adieu Rose

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