Penang Trip 2006

Will be off to Penang next week, it has almost been 2 years since the last time I got around to Penang. That last time was for my convocation ceremony at USM. And that time I went and left Penang with satisfaction of never having to step there to study ever again. Hahahah! But not this time around, this time I will be going there this monday to visit old friends and rekindle old memories. I’m actually going to Penang under the guise of going for a course over there at Copthorne Orchid. But I’ll definitely be spending my nights out with old friends Smile DEFINITELY.
The course is actually for the data teachers, and I’m not one, but the principal told me to go. So what the heck. Smile The trip will be good for me… to take my mind off from work. I have only one thing left to do but everybody is badgering me to get it done quickly. I’m actually in charge of the time table for the school right now. And so far I’ve been delaying the new time table because I was waiting for the new program to arrive from KL. The program has arrive, so that mean I have to get to work, PRONTO! Those days spent at the pearl of the orient will include me typing in info about the teachers… huhu… not exactly big work… but it might get crazy… So see you peeps in penang Smile

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