Dungun Camping?

Will be leaving for Dungun early tomorrow morning. Will be accompanying 10 students of mine for an English Camp at Teknik Dungun. I don’t really want to go. But I can’t really say no to my Panitia Head. I still have a bit of my flu, though its only a slight cough now and then.
Oh well, I might as well enjoy my 4 days there. A lot of the english camp activities will be done by the seaside so that will be enjoyable … at least to a point Grin The students will be enjoying the activities… the only part that I’m actually looking forward to is the eating part Razz and maybe watching their performances.
I’m supposed to do some documentation for it too, using my trusty camera and also a HandyCam I borrowed from the school. Hmm I’ll be keeping my eyes open for other things too. Who knows I might be seeing some of my USM friends…. coz this is a Zone Level English Camp. All technic school both in Kelantan and Terengganu actually. So there might be some ppl that I know. Last year it was done at my school. The first Zone Level English Camp for that matter. It was a big deal, introducing that stuff for the zone…
Still have the school level English Camp next week. Among the reason I don’t really want to go is this. 2 weeks in a row, sure as hell it will be tiring. Gotta go now. Need to think what to pack for a 4 day trip.
Adieu Rose

5 thoughts on “Dungun Camping?

  1. alhamdulillah dah sembuh sket dah abg long… diana, payah sket nak letak yahoo emoticons kat blogspot. U have to ask somebody else…. I’m not that well versed with blogspot

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