A Week More

Yeah, just a week more to my convocation, then I’ll get my degree and will have nothing more to do with USM, except if I want to further my studies there AGAIN… huhu
Everything is set, got my stuff ready actually, just waiting to go there this Tuesday. Have already applied for my leave last week. Nothing more to do actually just need to wash a few more shirts pack a few more stuff.. but still my mind is bothered, and truly I hate it.
This weekend has not been my best weekend. My ear is throbbing with pain from an old and recurring wound. My soft bones in my ear was cracked as a child because it got bitten by a long-lost relative of Mike Tyson. Heheh.. ok here’s the deal, during a fight when I was in primary school my ear got bitten, and the soft bones got cracked. And now sometimes the alignment of the bones would get upset and thus leaving me in pain. And I am in that kind of pain now. Can’t even touch the damn ear. Can’t even really open my jaw for that matter.
So this weekend is considered as wasted as I’m not really doing anything… just sleeping the pain off. Erghhh hate it X( Gonna go and do something productive afterwards… If I can manage it… Frown
Still have something on my mind… but it is better expressed with the last poem… Razz
Adieu Rose

2 thoughts on “A Week More

  1. eekz u poor thing. muz be noti2 until got bitten. but then no surprise, now oso still noti. Grin hopefully the pain will go away soon eh…

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