Cancelled Trip

A few days back I was contemplating on going to Penang, to meet up with friends and settle a few stuff. But now it seems that won’t be possible. :frust: All because I’m worried that the school will ask me to work a week early, yeah it is a possibility and I’m open to it.
So that’s that and I believe I’ll have to wait a bit before going to Penang, maybe in a weekend dash? Thinking After I’ve settled in my new job.. or something… still praying Pray that I will get it though…
Anyhow today was spent accompanying my aunt to get her car serviced… wasted 3 hours or so at the EON workshop. They did the usual checkup stuff. But the RPM meter is still faulty :rolleyes: as they have to order the original parts… alas only the faulty cigarette lighter is changed, for free that is.
Managed to get some shopping done in the midst of all that. Actually my aunt did the shopping, I was just the cargo plane. Grin nothing of interest to buy except for a facial wash I badly need.
Owh hope tomorrow is better..
Rose Adieu

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