Old Friend, Best Friend & Platonic

A couple of days back I met an old friend of mine. A friend I consider as a close friend, best friend you might even say. I’ve not seen her for close to a year. I’ve been busy with my studies and she with work. She came to see me ultimately with the purpose of inviting me to her wedding this May. And to tell you the truth, its one of the best news that I’ve heard for a while.
I’ve known her for 5 years now. A relationship that at first started by me taking the same paper with her, and me joining the same study group. Later on, from good friends we grew to the best of friends. Eventually her mom took me in as her “anak angkat”. Sort of the thing moms do isn’t it. To explain the true nature of my relationship with her would be very hard. Sometimes its easier to say that the relationship is platonic, but it isn’t just that. Trust with her is not an issue. I could trust her with many of my secrets, and I believe its the same with her. We could for hours about everything in the world and still has more to say.
Come to think of it, the most amazing of things with her is the fact that I’ve never had an argument with her. Not even one. And I’ve never been angry at her too. Perhaps its because she is so agreeable.. perhaps not.
Congratulations on your engagement Lynn, sorry I couldn’t be there. I promise to be at your wedding though Smile

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