I’m Being Stalked

Late breaking news… I’m being stalked.. DAMN!… got a weird misscall just a few minutes ago. I try to pick it up but IT hangs up on me.
Later on I got an sms, “Hi, is this RAHMAN. ” , I replied a yes and got “Just making sure its u, sorry for disturbing”. When I asked back who it was all I got was “You don’t need to know who I am”. And I tried pressing for an answer and yet I got this. “You won’t like it if you knew who I am, anyway I’m a new friend”.
I’m under the impression its someone I don’t like, a new person I met? and even knows that I’m gonna go get a temp job. What the heck….
If IT wanna be friends, I need to have a name.. a gender at the least.. so I can call it a bastard or a bitch Razz Sheeesh…. psycho meets psycho… If you are reading this your gonna be doomed with a lot prank calls at 4 am in the morning…. better tell me who you are right now!
Update: I know who it is now.. someone I ignored over the last weekend but made the mistake of letting her know my number.. Sheesh.. buat ngeri jer… oh well abaikan

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