It Was CNY

For the hermits, I’m happy to announce that it was CNY and its now officially the year of the monkey.. So all those ppl who likes to monkey around… this year is yours Smile Monkey Monkey Monkey
My CNY was dull. Ok la there were certain highlights… Which I won’t tell haha.. Razz Lepak for 4 whole days with friends… even did a Naruto marathon… watched a couple (more like ten) of Naruto episodes back to back.
Had a good offer from a friend just right before CNY. He’s gonna get me a DVD Writer for RM400… NEC 1300A Smile You are now looking at a future owner of a cool black DVD Writer.. hell yeah… (kopak la akuuuu)
Exams are coming up.. like ermm in a few more weeks.. haven’t touched a book yet… I practically don’t really know what I should be studying Razz I think now is a good time to get past years paper out of the box.. and start studying. huhu Shock
Ok…. back to reality.. gonna go and finish Cheaper By The Dozen.. (I know you girls are drooling over Tom Welling .. haha!)
Rose Adieu

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