Back To Penang – Prologue

I’m back in Penang for a mo. Just registering my papers… then I’m off back to Kelantan (evil plan to stay at home during Ramadhan Devil ) Gonna have to come back to Penang after Raya. La la la…..
Phew the bas was damn cold… had to put on my sweaters right after I got on….. And I think I’m going to get a fever. Heheheheh… Now waiting for my dear ol friend at the Cafe. I think he was to have a jab at his Ragnarok game. Me I’m damn bored with the game already. Dull gameplay actually the only good part is the interaction between players. But then again the players mostly kept to themselves. Oh I got a few friends playing with me.. But still it’s not the same.
Oh well…. gonna have a look see after this. Check my schedules…..

4 thoughts on “Back To Penang – Prologue

  1. Errr for Ramadhan I’d say K’tan. Tons of good homemade cookings. Several cooks to choose from (got 3 aunts living close Razz) But outside of that, I’d say Penang. (plz don’t tell my mom) Though life is getting tougher as it seems. I’m a freakin nomad here in Penang. Gotta go and find a house for rent soon. Damn my weird living arrangements..

  2. I agree. But I was in Terengganu once and they told me Kelantan is worse than that! Sorry no offense but I am pure KLian thru and thru my grandma pun from KL so i tak pernah ke utara. lol. But I LLLOOOVEEE perhentian!

  3. heyp no problem I’ve been a nomad of a sort since high school, getting sent to weird boarding school so yeah… Kelantan is much worse than Terengganu. There only 1 cinema for which I don’t know where it is actually and a bowling alley that I’ve only played once! butttt if u ever want to go on a camping trip, there’s more to Kelantan than meets the eye.. ekekek

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