Who’s The One?

Had a rather stimulating conversation with a friend. Debating on the how you are to choose ur life partner. Even talking about the ones that ur parent chooses.
As i explained to her, Love comes from the heart. But to choose someone to spend the rest of your life, you need a balance of need and want. Need in this case is using ur brain to choose him/her and Want is the act of wanting that person.
You seriously love a person… but sometimes you just can’t live with that person for the rest of your life.. That’s where the need comes in. A combination of using ur brain (need) an ur heart (want).
Balance is always needed when making life changing decisions.. Life is always balance. Smile
Then comes the other topic, parent’s choice. For me arranged marriages is a thing of the past. Not many will have that come between them and their love. And still I do not deny that the parent’s choice has its benefits. And to be fair all round it is beneficial for the parent to be able to come up with a few choices. Not just one, one means arranged… means u must marry that guy/girl. Which is not free choice. But if your parents come with a few choices… juicy ones that is. Could you resist? For me and my parents (yes I’m still young but the topic comes out sometimes) the choice is still in my hands… I’ve been hinted sometimes but still, a smile would be enough for my parents to know that I’m not interested.
So between how to choose? and your parent’s choice… both must have its own balance. Balance on need and want. And balance on your choice and your parent’s Smile
Rose Adieu

5 thoughts on “Who’s The One?

  1. Thinking
    ahaks, I agreed with you, Bum the love doctor. But sometime it’s hard to make decision when we need to choose between what your parents want and what u want… :frust:

  2. ouh, someone is a dr love now ahaaa…eheheh
    but yes, i cant agree more with you. Love needs balance in what are your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. cayalah la lu karlbum. bile tukar profession nih? Monkey

  3. Smile I’ve been a student counselor since I was in Form 4. Was a Junior Felo in matriculation (guidance thingy). And was an active member of The Counseling Club in USM. Until I resigned from my post. Smile Nope I’m not a love doctor. I’m just telling my views on it. Razz

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