Sleepy Heads

After the lil chat with her, I suddenly felt so tired.. remember that I woke up very early today…. not the usual 8 hour stuff…. and it was cold last night, the rain most probably…. I was suddenly realizing that I nodded to sleep while typing… so I went to find me a cozy place to sleep… didn’t thought I’d sleep too long.. but instead of 15 or 30 minutes… I slept for about 2 hours… and I still feel sleepy… I’m only awake now because my sayang called me…. saying how she misses me, I felt so terrible making her wait for me online…
But I snapped at her, and for that i feel very bad… this sleepy head is gettin a hold of me again….. I better sleep again.. before I nod myself to sleep in front of the computer again….
*I realized that I’m not perfect, always troubling her, but what I realize more is how much I love her and how much I care for her*

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Heads

  1. this one muchhhh better than the old, dull, black and white offence… ur journalss wevy much..jiwang?? huh who cares!! mmm…want to dedicate this song to u guys…DYGTA-tak mungkin ku melepaskan mu…very highly recommended….Grin..idup jiwang!!

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