Internet and Lags

It was very stressful, chatting with my girl here but the connection is so lagged that I can hardly get a word throught to her before a minute or two has gone by, sheesh. Can I blame it on the Univ’s proxy or on the univ’s staffs that’s over using the connection given to them. A few moments ago i cant even open the website.. the connection was that bad.. considering the fact that my website is on the lightside….. oh heck… I wanna sleep anyway…. while watching my gundam movies, heheh

One thought on “Internet and Lags

  1. living in agony of love,
    trying to make fit the glove,
    building a house in the grove,
    to stash and lock a treasure trove.
    A line might be down,
    the love and trust grown,
    in the night, a leaf had flown,
    to fall upon the earth brown.
    patience and perseverance,
    penance and repentance,
    radiance and twopence,
    dance and lance.
    ah… no more ideas. yes i have written i have returned once again. jeng je jeng. and he slips away almost unknowingly.

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